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In 2003 there is the centennial anniversary of Wright brothers flight ... [the web site] made by the Exenor company from Milano has many oddities concerning the first experiments on flight and collects Orville Wrigth's diary and the various attempts made until the Flyer ... (report in PC Professionale, April 2003)

An important contribution to the success of this product [The Ugly Duckling] is without doubt given also by the good graphic layout, the very good soundtrack and by the interface, which was conceived to be used by kids and that is then really very easy and direct. (PC Professionale, May 1998)

A very good work on texts, with a faithful translation from Danish. Also the drawings have a good standard, as well as the general package is very fine. (PC World Italia, June 1998)

The [Ugly Duckling] text respects the original version and is told with great skill. (Applicando, no. 153)

A (clever) solution is given by Exenor: the package of the CD is also the booklet containing text and illustration of the fairy tale. (MC Microcomputer, May 1998)

Your Company has been recommended to us by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the context of our proposed project in Italy which is outlined below ... (PIMC - Belgium)

... the 22 projects have been selected from 300 proposals arrived ... Among the magnificent 22 there were also the titles co-produced by Italian companies like ... "Multimedia Hans Christian Andersen" ... of which Exenor from Milano is a co-author (Milia '96: Trends and News from Multimedia World, reportage of PC Professionale, March 1996).

The disk [Multimedia Hans Christian Andersen] is a learning experience ... (web site of Information Society Project Office of the European Commission)

The information research [on Le Scienze 1995 Cd-Rom] is greatly helped ... (Panorama 1996)

... a fine Cd-Rom for Macintosh (and PC as well) ... which contains all the issues of the magazine ... It is not one of those rogue operations, which contain videoclips and other things mainly useless ... on the contrary it contains all the texts and all the images published on Le Scienze during the year. (MacWorld, May 1996)

[Le Scienze on CD-Rom is] A useful tool of updating ... (Corriere Scienza, Corriere della Sera, 24 March 1996)

Le Scienze on Cd-Rom is a real paragon of how to make this kind of work ... (PC World Italia, May 1996)

[The CD-Rom Le Scienze is] an absolute reference work. (PC Open, May 1996)

... thanks to the work of Exenor from Milano, which revised and adapted a whole volume (1995) of Le Scienze magazine in way to exploit at best the multimedia tools placed at its disposal by a means like CD-Rom.

... the [Multimedia Hans Christian Andersen] title is very complete ... The contents of this CD-Rom will never stop to entertain either grown-ups or children... (report in PC Professionale, October 1995)



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