Exenor S.r.l. Milano - Italia

Translation and Localisation


Translation service by Exenor is intended for handbooks, software, multimedia titles and web sites. Mother-tongue professional translators collaborating with the company can translate from and to English, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, Polish and Russian.


Many people think that translation and localisation are synonyms, but it's not true. Localisation, in fact, concerns also the content and the local cultural aspects of the application.

Exenor localises web sites and multimedia titles for both Italian and international markets.

The localisation process is made by:

  • translation into the final language of texts, messages and labels of interface, help on-line and the whole existing documentation, like user manuals;
  • adaptation and possible remaking of graphics and images;
  • checking the information reciprocity among interface, help on-line and printed manuals;
  • tuning of texts and illustrations according the cultural peculiarities of the target country;
  • final quality test.

Please contact us for further information about operative procedures and optional services.



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