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In the European Union IMPACT 2 Programme framework, Exenor — together with the Hans Christian Andersen Museum (Odense, DK), the Municipality of Odense (DK), the Danish Ministry of Education and the companies Orfeus (Egaa, DK), IBM Denmark and Edicinco (Valencia, ES) — developed a multimedia title about H.C. Andersen which received Community funds.



The World of Hans Christian Andersen — Well-documented monograph about the life, the works, the travels of the writer and about the persons he met. Articles, drawings and pictures show the places he visited all over Europe, as they were in 19th century and how they are today.

Willie helps Andersen — An adventure game in which you play the part of Willie Winkie, helping Andersen to find out the answers to his many questions.

Willie Winkie's Umbrella - the puzzles — Pictures and pictures to put in the right place and play with.

The Emperor's New Clothes — The famous fairy-tale about the emperor who loved so much new clothes that ... he walked naked in middle of crowd.

Do-it-yourself-kit — Program which allows you to do your own story, using the beautiful images from Andersen's fairy tales .


Scholars of H.C. Andersen's life, students and children.

BIMA (British Interactive Multimedia Association) Awards 1995 Cross Categories Award



  • CD-ROM with 5 different applications
  • Italian, Danish, English, French, German and Spanish versions
  • Hypertext
  • 370 drawings, of which 120 original by Andersen
  • 50 music pieces
  • 400 pictures
  • Games and puzzles
  • Animated fairy-tale
  • Do-it yourself kit to make your own fairy-tale.



  • MS Multimedia Viewer
  • Macromedia Director

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