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Favole vive

The Favole Vive (Fairytales Alive) collection is a coproduction between Exenor and Orfeus (DK).
Favole Vive is a registered trademark of Exenor.



Multimedia interactive fairy tales drawn from H. C. Andersen stories and faithful to the writer's original, so that can adorn itself with the mark "Official version approved by Hans Christian Andersen Museum". Every fairy-tale is divided into several animated scenes, each one with some narration. Text and animation are synchronised with sound and the text can be, as free choice of the reader, hidden. At the end of each scene, users can go on with the fairy tale or interact with the scene itself, starting funny animation. The fairy-tale CD-Roms were sold in many European countries. The Ugly Duckling, in a special eight languages version, was sold also in the SAS aircrafts.

The following fairy-tales belong to the collection:

  • The Tinderbox
  • The Ugly Duckling
  • The Princess on The Pea
  • The Steadfast Tinsoldier
  • The Swineherd

Each fairy-tale is translated into Italian, Danish, English, French, German and Spanish and some of them also into Norwegian and Swedish.


Kids in a pre-school age.






University of Milan-Bicocca
Centro Nazionale Studi Manzoniani
University of Milan
University of Milan - Department of Biology
Società Italiana Fisiologia Vegetale
Favole Vive
Le Scienze
Publitalia '80